Map and Travel Information of Medford, Oregon

Medford together with the Oregon state as a whole is famous for its wineries and grape valley, therefore, once arrived in Medford, Oregon, the one shall visit 2 Hawk Vineyard & Winery. The winery was named after two hawks flying across the area where the vineyard was initially originated. The 23.5-acre vineyard offers a wide range of wines that are made from the finest grapes grown here. The pleasant climate characterized by hot summer days and mild evening allow the farmers to ensure the highest quality of their product.

Abacela located in Roseburg, Oregon, is a well-known American vineyard that is owned by Earl and Hilda Jones. That was the very first wine estate in America's Pacific Northwest that began the production of wine from Spain's Noble Tempranillo grape. The company has won the medal in Spain's own Tempranillo al Mundo competition.

For animal-lovers, the place worth visiting is Alpacas farm at Lone Ranch. The farm is located in White City, Oregon. Various types of alpacas are being raised on that ranch for sale. Among those represented here are Female and Male alpacas, Non-breeders, Black alpacas, Grey and Brown alpacas, White and Fawn alpacas, etc.

Applegate Lake located southwest of Medford is a 400-hectare reservoir in the Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest. That is a breathtaking place that opens a great view of the lake and the surrounding forest. Several trails along the lake are available for horse riding and one for the mountain hiking.

Azalea Lake/Fir Glade Trail running from Fir Glad Trailhead to the Red Buttes Wilderness reaches the Azalea Lake as its final destination. That trip will stay on the memory due to the beauty of nature across that railway road.

Bayer Family Estate's Brook Horse artisan wines made from the finest grape might be found in Eagle Point, Oregon. The one will receive the pleasure not from the tasty wine only made from the natural ingredients only, but from unique handcrafted bottles as well.

Bradley Vineyards located in Elkton, Oregon, are the ‘homeland' for an outstanding variety of wines made of growing pinot noir, gewürztraminer, Baco Noir, and Riesling grapes. The vineyard itself is a beautiful place to visit, planted in 1983; it is now one of the leading manufacturers of the high-quality wine in the United States.

Butte Falls located in Oregon is also a city in Jackson County with the population of about 423 people in total sum. The town was named after Big Butte Creek Falls that are located outside of the city. That is a system of 15 falls in one cascade that creates the most outstanding view.

Cliff Creek Cellars is another vineyard in the state of Oregon that is located on Gold Hill city. That is a family-owned farm that was operating under the name of the Garvin Family. The business itself was started by 70-year-old Vern Garvin in 1999. It is now managed by Vern and Dorothy Garvin's children - Lee, Roy, and Ruth.