Medford Airport Arrivals

Right after landing in the Medford Airport, the passengers will be guided to the Passport Control, where those coming outside of the Schengen area shall provide the passport to be checked. Afterward, the one needs to take a walk to the Baggage Claim area where the baggage might be carried. In case if the luggage was lost, the Lost & Found Office is located right beside the baggage claim carousels. The car rental offices together with a shuttle service center are located there as well.

At the Arrivals Hall, there is one of the meeting points for the facilities for disabled passengers of the airport. The service shall be pre-booked to allow the professional staff to prepare everything needed.

The last step would be the Customs control where the one shall decide whether to declare goods carried in the country or not. Among products that might be the subject to declared are food, high-value electronics, cash over 10.000 euros, etc. 

The flights are coming from Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City and are provided by five different airlines.